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NASA Beta Testing Project Blue Beam with Color Cloud Rocket Launches? (VIDEO) Latest, 2017

Just short of Fourth of July, which is only a few days away, man-made auroras have been spread across the skies, causing much amazement along the east coast and parts of Virginia.

This amazing display of auroras, a rare sight, was due to a long-delayed launch of the terrier-improved Malemute rocket which had encountered many obstacles just before its launch, having been delayed an astonishing ten times before it finally launched just before Independence Day. The rocket was launched to just above 100 miles above Earth, where the rocket discharged small canisters containing colorful chemicals that burst in the atmosphere to create an artificial aurora. However, that was not the main point of the experiment. NASA Beta Testing Project Blue Beam?


NASA was actually researching on a deeper purpose and meaning: getting a better understanding of our Earth’s atmosphere, vital to life on Earth and the health of the people and animals living on Earth.

The second main point is to test equipment which will be used to study the auroras over Norway, an anomaly in our atmosphere that is vital for us as a species to understand it, such that we will be able to know how mother nature truly works, and the wonders it can do. NASA has always ventured further, and above much of what humanity can truly do, in the vastness of our skies and beyond. Now, we can only hope that experiments are continued such that it can help our environment – and preserve it better. Sadly, some parts of the east coast were robbed of the wonderful display as overcast skies blocked the view of the aurora. Let us hope that more chances will arise that will allow this spectacular view.


Posted by on Freitag, 30. Juni 2017