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IF EARTH IS NOT FLAT – This Interactive Map shows where on the Globe you’d end up if you dug straight through (Map+Video)

For many years, people have been questioning a rather peculiar, but totally logical question: If one were to dig exactly where one was standing, where would it lead to?

A new interactive map has put the beliefs of many of rest – that if one were to dig a hole, it’ll open up to the other side of the world – for example if I were to dig a hole in the USA, I was going to end up in Australia. Many of us could not have been more wrong. And this new interactive map tells us how wrong we are. With advances in technology, even our most peculiar and unimportant answers are answered.

If one were to be somehow able to dig through the earth’s molten core, and everything else life-threatening and impossible to reach, you would not reach the other end of the world – but you’ll most likely find yourself in the middle of the ocean.

Don’t expect your next location to be any better If you dug from most parts of Europe, you would still end up. Yeah, you guessed it right! In the sea, in the middle of nowhere.

If one were really determined, try digging from Canada, Fort McMurray, we can’t guarantee you won’t land in the sea, but we can guarantee that you will land near to land. We hope for your sake.

Try out the map here: A really cool feature of this is that it shows antipodes of the major cities, for example, Padang (Indonesia) is the antipode of Esmeraldas (Ecuador).

Check out what city is antipode of yours, somewhere. Almost halfway across the world. Here goes all our childhood dreams and beliefs, and what we once thought of villains who went crazed and dug a tunnel across the world: What happens in cartoons will always stay there, no matter how advanced technology gets.