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Pssst…Hercolubus Returns-Nibiru in the sky. Images from Mexico, USA and China, July , 2017 (VIDEO)

What if the mainstream has been lying to us fro decades? Well we know that already. They lied about the end of WW2. About admiral Byrd’s expedition. They lied about Tesla and zero point energy. They lied about Roswell and a trillion other significant events. They lie. What if all the crap we see and watch is meant simply to keep you distracted, dumbed down and ignorant to reality? What if there’s another reason for climate change that is NEVER discussed? Why do they blame Human? What if the expensive infrared telescope in the Antarctica is there to view something particular? What if the elite are prepping their bunkers for it’s return this very moment? What if Google and others black it out of their infrared sky maps, because it’s truly there? What if they plan a war to distract the masses from their fate? What if they needed martial law to stem the panicked people from rushing away from the coastlines? What if the spike in fireballs is related? What if ancient legend and modern conspiracy theory was based on truth, sightings anomalies and loads of circumstantial evidence? What if the objects in the video below are not lens flares, as we hope they are, but instead stand as evidence of its arrival? Will you be ready when Hercolubus returns? No? Then best start prepping ASAP!