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Secret Diana tapes reveal: Her lover was murdered by Royal Family (Video)

The anniversary of the death of Princess Diana has seen renewed scrutiny fall on the circumstances surrounding the death of the beloved princess whom many people believe was murdered by agents loyal to the British royal family. Now it appears as though Princess Diana herself did not think that the royals were above murdering an innocent person to protect their reputation as sensational new video footage has shown.

When the marriage between Diana and the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles began to become rocky, the princess began a relationship with her bodyguard, a man named Barry Albert Mannakee. The two were spotted in a compromising position at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of York by a member of one of the prince’s staff.

This spot gave credibility to the rumors that had been floating around the royal court about the unusually close friendship that had developed between the princess and the bodyguard who had been sighted driving alone on the hills above Balmoral the previous year. RELATED ARTICLES Deprogram Yourself: Putin Says He Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal FamilyDid Princess Diana believe that Royal Family were involved in the Illuminati Within hours of their tryst being witnessed, Charles was informed of the situation and later, the Queen herself was also told what was happening. Mannakee was summoned before his superiors and told that his over-familiarity with the princess was inappropriate. A decision was taken to remove him from the royal households and to appoint him to the Diplomatic Protection squad instead. This ensured that he was forcibly torn away from the princess and that their relationship could not continue. Less than a year later, he was killed in an accident. According to Diana, she was informed of Mannakee’s death at an official engagement by her husband so she was unable to show her emotions at first. As soon as she could, she fell to the floor and wept uncontrollably and immediately said that she believed that her former lover had been murdered.

Speaking to a journalist at a later date, she said that her feelings for her bodyguard had been very strong and she had even considered giving up the royal life to go off and live with him. She believes that it was the strength of their relationship which led to his death which was officially ruled to be an accident but what she believed to be murder. Princess Diana was not the only one to be suspicious about the circumstances surrounding the death of Mannakee. The inexperienced driver who was blamed for the death of Mannakee, Nicola Chopp, said that she was put under unusually intense pressure to plead guilty to the charge of causing death by driving without care and attention in court and that she believed that some of the evidence had been concocted by the police.

Significantly, Nicola says that there was another party involved in the crash, a woman wearing glasses who was driving an estate car, but that this person has never been identified. The official report said that the motorcycle that Mannakee was driving on skidded into Chopp’s car but did not collide with it. Therefore it is fairly unusual that he suffered such severe injuries, which involved a severed spine when he impacted with the car.


The allegations will be broadcast for the first time on British television in a Channel 4 documentary called ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’ this week.