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Ancient Papyrus scroll reveals how The Egyptian Pyramids were built (Video)

One of the greatest mysteries that researchers of ancient history have had to contend with is just how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. The pyramids, which are considered to be one of the greatest architectural feats that the world has ever seen, are enormous stone structures constructed of gigantic rocks which were mined, transported and slotted together prior to the invention of both the crane and the wheel.


It is a quandary that has puzzled Egyptologists for more than a century, but now it looks as though part of the mystery may have been solved. Archaeologists and historians have known for a long time that the rock used to construct the pyramids was extracted from two locations, one of which is in Tura which is around eight miles away from the site of the pyramids and Aswan, which is a phenomenal 533 miles away from the site. The question as to how the ancient Egyptians managed to transport the rock all of that way before the use of the wheel has dogged historians ever since the exact age of the pyramids was uncovered. However, now a newly uncovered papyrus scroll may have provided a very simple answer to this perennial problem.


The papyrus scroll contains the notes of an ancient Egyptian overseer called Merer and is the only first-hand record of how the pyramids were constructed in existence. In his notes, Merer explains how the stones were extracted from quarries and then moved to Giza via specially constructed canals. The blocks of rock were received an inland port that was built mere yards away from the base of the Great pyramid where they were dragged across the ground by the slaves who build the awesome megaliths.

The diary of Merer: Merer’s notes make complete sense to Mark Lehner, an archaeologist who has worked in Egypt who discovered evidence of an ancient waterway lying beneath the plateau where the Great Pyramid of Giza lies. These discoveries relating to the construction of the pyramids will be explained in full in a new Channel 4 documentary called Egypt’s Great Pyramid: The New Evidence.