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Former Police Detective says he ‘travelled trough Time’ inside Church! (Video)

There are many dedicated paranormal and ghost hunters out there that fill the web with bizarre stories regarding the ethereal mysteries of the world.

We hear about stories of ghostly encounters with strange spiritual or non spiritual entities, or stories about haunted places or places that defy logic and sometimes seems to break time and space. One peculiar paranormal situation happened to a former detective.

Ghost hunter Chris Halton tells the story of how he ‘travelled in time’ inside a church. The former field intelligence officer, who also owns a well known paranormal channel called ‘Haunted Earth’, said he was exploring the church and felt unconfortable all of the sudden. The walls of the church then began to change in accordance to different time periods. He said that he never left his time period only the space around him did, and reverted back to it’s present day state.