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UFO ‘built with alien tech at Area 51 FOUND on Google Maps’! (Video)

One of the most famous Unidentified flying objects among UFO hunting talk in recent times is definitely the TR-3B, also known as the ‘Triangle UFO’ or ‘Black Triangle UFO’.

Many people claim to have witnessed massive triangle UFOs flying above their cities or homes, all describing the strange craft in similar ways. Conspiracy theorists believe that the TR-3B is actually secret military technology that was developed during the 1970s and is in use for ultra top secret stealth missions.

Others claim it’s a powerful craft created using alien technology in bases like Area 51. And other UFO hunters think it could be fully extraterrestrial straight from another world or dimensional plane. Recently, UFO hunters spotted a massive triangle UFO hovering the skies of Australia. The sighting was seen from Google Maps between Badgingarra National Park and Wongonderrah Nature Reserve in Western Australia. What’s the deal with these mysterious Triangle UFOs?